Tuvia Shlomo born 1958, Rehovot, Israel Shlomo is an “The Neo Expressionist”
The story of Tuvia how he become an artist its extraordinary story. Both Father and Mother of Slomon was deaf mute with out the ability to hear or speak. Unable to share the stories verbally, tuvia’s father would draw pictures to express his thoughts of the day. As soon as Tuvia was able to hold a crayon, he too began using art as a means of Communication with his mother and father. It’s due to this unique experience that art become a path of true expression in his life and become a truth artist.

Its typical trait is to present the world solely from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically for emotional effecin order to evoke moods or ideas.


Expressionist artist sought to express the meaning of emotional experience rather than physical reality by using figurative and portraits to Expressionism development no so much as an avant-garde.

The Expressionist emphasis on individual perspective has been characterized as a reaction to positivism and other artistic styles such as Naturalism and Impressionism their stemcells.